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Are you ever curious about how your child engages in conversations with adults when you are not around? Watching your child engage in conversation with a new adult acquaintance can be a ringside seat to varying degrees of parental embarrassment. How many of us have seen our gregarious, intelligent, well-mannered child take cover behind our skirt or pant leg with the prospect of being introduced to a new adult? We watch with a measure of horror as our bright verbose adolescent turns into a downcast-gazed mumbler when meeting a business acquaintance.

Yet, there are those children who...


In previous decades parents encouraged curling up with a book as a refuge from summer boredom. Today’s parents recognize summer reading as considerably more. Reading is a much-needed break from screens and monitors, but also necessary to avoid learning losses that occur over the summer months. The “summer slide” is real, just ask any teacher. The first few weeks of every school year are spent in review. Research suggests that children who don’t read during the summer months can lose up to three months of reading progress. These losses are large and they are accumulative. With all of the...


Who We Are

The Growing Room Education Council in collaboration with parents and The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has created the most comprehensive after-school program in the East Bay. As a California non-profit Organization, we specialize in social development, academic enrichment, and emotional support to school-aged children in the community.


Our Locations

Neil Armstrong
Tassajara Hills
Hidden Hills
Live Oak

The Academy 專科院校


The Growing Room Academy is a laboratory of creativity. It compliments the mainstream education system and allows students to do the things that make them happy in an innovative and safe environment. With an unlimited variety of courses offered, our mission is to bring meaning to academics, open the doors to creativity and brighten the future of every child through exploring their gifts and talents.

Located in the heart of San Ramon (next to In-N-Out Burger), The Academy is open to the public and a place for students and their families to explore classes in language and culture, STEAM, tutoring, music & movement. We provide educational programming for our members and non-members, including families, home schoolers and special needs children. The Academy is also a great place for educational birthday parties!

We have a wide variety of classes available to the public on a daily basis. Below is a list of upcoming classes that you can sign up for online. You can also view a full schedule on our Academy Page.